Laser spine surgery: Somethings you must know

If you are suffering from disk herniation and have applied some cures to preserving methods but have no results. You should learn about laser spine surgery. This is the best treatment in case moderate and high herniation.

Laser spine surgery

Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression (PLDD) is a minor surgical procedure. Dr. Choy and Dr. Ascher proposed and made their debut in 1986 in Austria.

Structure of the spine

In adults, the thickness of the spinal disc is about 3 – 4mm; The back is 5 – 6mm, waist 8 – 9mm. The disk structure consists of three parts: fiber, mucus, and cartilage.
The disc as a closed hydraulic system, including:
  • The fiber is relatively hard and tough.
  • Mucus contains lots of water
  • High viscosity glue on the inside.

Advantages of laser spine surgery

Disk herniation occurs when the fibrous sheath is partially torn or loses elasticity. It facilitates mucus removal from the site. This displacement causes dural compression, nerve root or pulp compression. This displacement causes dural and nerve root compression or marrow compression.
  • The principle of PLDD is to use laser energy to reduce small amounts of mucus. It lowers spine pressure, releasing compression of the nerve structures.
  • This is a mere invasive procedure, not surgery. Patients only need to anesthetize the body part. During the procedure, the patient is still conscious. Doctors do not use cutlery as in normal surgery.
  • Absolute safety when conducting the procedure. Use the high-tech camera to put the endoscope into surgical position.
  • The elderly and chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, the nervous system can choose the method.
  • After completing the procedure, patients can go home after 4-5 hour. They don’t need to stay in the hospital like in the case of normal surgery.
  • Patients don’t need blood transfusions and don’t afraid of infection after surgery.
  • Reduce pain and numbness quickly after the procedure. However, there are cases of real pain may have to wait 1-2 months later. Causes in the process of cutting the disc can be swollen.
  • After the procedure, the patient returns to normal activities. An open wound almost does not exist.

The disadvantage of laser spine surgery

However, the method also has contraindications:
  • A hernia is too large to cause spinal stenosis or pulp compression.
  • In cases of flat or slipped vertebrae, this method is not effective.
  • This method is only effective for patients with mild to moderate regression. Some cases of stenosis, spinal collapse or slide should surgery as soon as possible.

The results of laser spine surgery

Often, after one week, the patient can return to work, but after 3 months, it is possible to accurately evaluate the results of PLDD.
Each intervention method has its advantages and disadvantages. The problem is that patients should be clearly advised on the advantages and disadvantages of each method. This helps the patient to believe in the method of his choice.
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