Impacted wisdom teeth: 3 DANGEROUS must know and how to solve them

3 dangerous must know about impacted wisdom teeth and how to solve them.

If you want to assess the dangers of impacted wisdom teeth, follow the basic complications below:

The basic expression of impacted wisdom teeth is the teeth can only sprout partially without full disclosure. The gums become swollen and red, with bad breath. It’s so pain, and jaw becomes harder, very extremely difficult to chewing.


High risk of infection:

Wisdom teeth when grows easily causing infection the tooth pocket. It will spread to the surrounding soft gums. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause infections in both interstitial tooth, forming a V-shape. The gum raised and swollen, infections clearer.
When this time, that feeling pain will quite clearly.

impacted wisdom teeth

Tooth decay

Reasons of the wisdom teeth often cause the tooth decay, because of the location very special. It grows inside deep jaw where a toothbrush can’t reach. The food plaque will accumulate without cleaning it.
This would be the perfect environment for bacteria and pathogens. In fact, there are a lot of cases wisdom teeth decay affect the surrounding teeth when the jaw abscesses.

impacted wisdom teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth can destruction the structure of jawbone and tooth around.

Over time, this part will be adjacent hit the next tooth and make it weaken. When teeth pushed pinched for too long, will fall off.

impacted wisdom teeth

The perfect solution.

Impacted wisdom teeth certainly make the patient pain and discomfort. You can use anti-inflammatory medicine and analgesics to relieve pain pretty good.

You can also reduce pain by using garlic and ginger smashed to cover the impacted wisdom teeth. Daily gargling the salt water to reduce inflammation and swelling effectively.

When impacted wisdom teeth happen such as swelling and pains, chewing hard, you should go to the clinic earliest. The dentist will treatment to complications dangerous elements.

With the painless extractions technology, modern anesthetic techniques, you can’t feel the pain. Absolutely it does not happen any complications.

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