Dentistry – Higher INCOME job than President.

Dentistry – Higher income job than President.

 According to the LinkedIn website, DENTISTRY head among the health care industry. The criteria are income standards, fame, freedom and develop themselves.

Becoming a dentist really is a dream career for many people.
So dream to become reality dentist isn’t easy.


In the United States, there are 30.00 new openings between 2017 and 2027, corresponds to 18%. Easy to see the human resource in the medical field is still large.

*After the US presidential election, demand continues to increase.

Dentistry career has 4 characteristics below:

– Provider about the health care and aesthetic of teeth
– Top 1 in the best job in the world
– Top 4 highest paid in top 300 careers on the world

– High human resource demands


The work of dentist:

– General dentist: Make tooth whitening, tooth extractions, dentures, orthodontics.
Salary: around 160.000$ per year


– Orthodontia dentist / Orthodontists: main work is braces.
Salary: around 190.000$ per year

– Maxillofacial surgeon doctor / Prosthodontists: perform cosmetic surgery and facial injury surgery.
Salary: around 130.000$ per year


– Rehabilitation and orthopedic oral dentist: analysis and orthopedic the mold of oral.
Salary: around 200.000$ per year


– Endodontist: Research the soft tissues and nerves living within the tooth.
Salary: around 220.000$ per year


The lives of dentists

– Work pressure: very low

– Proactive about the time

– High and stable revenue.

– The ratio of job competition is low.

– Spend more time with family

– Having personal business

– Pursuing individual passions.


Pursuing individual passions.

So, how to become a worker of dentistry?

First, let’s take a look to report from these admission numbers reported by top schools:

University of California San Francisco: 2000 applicants, 120 admission offers

Tufts University: 1650 applicants, 190 enrollees

Indiana University: 1550 applicants, 110 matriculated

So, students should aim for a higher mark if they want to become a part or dentistry field.

Dentistry school – Annual tuition fees:

United State of American: over 80.000$ per year

India: over 40,000$ per year.

Asia: over 30,000$ per year.

China and Russia: over 50,000$ per year and you need learn indigenous languages.

And, average to become pro-dentist, you must take 8-10 years.

However, face to the increasing demand, the dentistry schools continues to offer scholarships.



“Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.”
Dale Carnegie

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